An Unexpected Event in My Journey to New Zealand


I came to New Zealand in order to find some adventure in my life, as there are so many things to do in the country furthest away from everywhere else. I had planned many things, including a trip around the country to do some landscape photography, since I fell in love with the beauty of New Zealand ever since I saw the original Lord of the rings movie. But things didn’t go as planned, somehow I ended up doing something more worthwhile and more fulfilling, it was not that I didn’t get my adventure nor did I lose the opportunity to take the photos I wanted, I just ended up finding something more.

I’ve always been the type to plan things out in my life, and follow it to the letter, but that trip was an exception to my rule I guess. It all started with a bag, which I really thought was mine, though upon inspection it was definitely not. Though it might have been a more interesting story to tell if I the whole bag switch thing was long and almost dramatic, but no, the person who owned it was just beside me. She was a young Australian girl, I am not really fond of giving out the names of people, so for now let’s just call her Sheila, and if you know a little something about Australia you would know that I just made a little joke. Let’s get back to the story though, she was quite the beauty, but since we’re not in a movie and this isn’t some love story in a novel, she was of course with a guy. I apologized for taking her bag and gave it to her, she was cool about it and pointed out that my bag heady our way, as it looked just like hers. I thanked her and we got to talking on our way out, it seems that they were volunteers of some sort and was headed to do some work for the organization they were with, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

They day started out good, I met a beautiful girl, though it might have been better if I got her email or something, though I thought that maybe it was just not meant to be. I hurried as I had to go meet the friend that invited me to New Zealand and I was late. He had offered to pick me up at the airport, but I wanted to feel my first steps in the country to be my own as a start of an adventure, the country was ranked one of the safest in the world anyway so I had nothing to worry about.

After about an hour of being lost, I finally found the meeting spot and greeted my friend in the flesh for the first time, it might seem a bit rude to make a person wait for that long, but I already told him that I would be late, as I would challenge myself with traversing a country and city that I have never been, and he was cool with it as he just wanted to chill at the spot anyway, and that he was waiting for a few other friends as well. It was then that I heard a familiar voice from behind me, it was the girl from the airport (and the guy with her).

It was a pleasant surprise to know that she and my friend knew each other, not only that they were part of the same volunteer group. A far less pleasant surprise was, even though my friend invited me to New Zealand to also have some fun, it was also his goal for me to join with that week’s volunteer effort. Well, truth be told it was quite a pleasant experience, the volunteer work I did made me feel like I did good. And as a plus I met Sheila, and her cousin (the Guy with her).


Maybe one day I will tell you guys the rest of the story, but not today, I can tell you this though; someone one lived happily ever after. 😉