Denver for a Cause

The growing community of Denver for a Cause was initially populated by two universities in the city that raised awareness regarding the need to address the different political, social, economic, and environmental concerns in Denver, and in other parts of the world. People’s lives are being majorly affected and slowly destroyed by unaddressed problems in the society, so these universities’ faculty, staff, and students called on the attention of the other universities in Denver and in the nearby cities. Eventually, the community were not just involving university personnel and students, but were also populated by faculty and students from primary, middle, and senior high schools; lawyers; engineers; artists; doctors; nurses; retirees; and even out-of-school youth. The Denver for a Cause community now includes thousands of volunteers who are willing to help and act regarding the problems of society. single-tree

Denver for a Cause engages in different programs and activities, such as the conduction of educational discussions and seminars regarding the present situations of politics, economy, society, and environment; conferences on drug abuse; quarterly street cleaning and waste management; distribution of relief goods to poor communities; solicitation for housing projects intended for the homeless; tree planting in Denver; and collaborations with professionals for awareness seminars on the use of – pest control. The community is still in progress for adding more activities and programs, and improving those in the list.

As a non-profit organization, Denver for a Cause does not conduct income generating projects, and their services are free of charge. They ask for solicitations from willing sponsors, while some sponsors already pledged regular financial aid for the community’s activities and programs. The organization also invites unpaid but willing resource speakers for the said discussions, seminars, and conferences. In addition, the Denver for a Cause is planning to expand their community to other cities and states in North America. The community is now accepting registrations from different people regardless of sex, age, profession, and location, as long as these people are willing to be part of the cause without any payment or service in return. Many parents even have enlisted their children who were willing to be part of the activities, and were ready for building their characters with the community’s activities.