Doctors of Utah Unite and Volunteer to Fix Cleft Palates of the Third World

  I have observed that Doctors of Utah, specifically those in the field of plastic surgery, are extremely talented in their field. I have seen the beauty and symmetry they chiseled from the marble that is their patients. And though I adore their creations, and applaud their talent, I would like to suggest that hey also share their gift to those who could never dream to be treated by them. I am not forcing them, they could think of it as an exotic business trip and vacations.

Why Do This?

I am not asking those who are just starting out and still have little to nothing in their pockets to forget about profit, unlike some people who think profit to be “evil” I think it is a necessary incentive and source of funds to develop any industry and the betterment of human life. The people I call upon are those who have already made a mark in the First World, it is time to go to the Third Worlds and leave a mark there, that may become the beacon of inspiration that many needs to uplift themselves and their community.

If not forced, the feeling you get from helping a community out is so beautiful that you allow yourself to grow as a person and as a doctor to the point where profit becomes as a secondary thing, not forgotten as important, but treated as a residual outcome from fulfilling your duty of uplifting human lives and dignity.


How to Start

You’ve already started, just from searching or clicking something that lead you here tells me that you are looking for a way to give back to the community and world. But if you would like to really start doing more for the world I encourage you to search on, as there are many organizations that would welcome your help. What is essential though is finding the right organization that you could truly do the most good, as if they utilize you somewhere your true talents are not use, you may be helping, but not to the full extent of your abilities.


Finding the Right Fit

 volunteer-doctorsIf you are looking for an organization to join that could utilize your talents in plastic and cosmetic surgery, you should make it clear that that is the services that you want to give, that though you are open to helping out with other medical procedures they should utilize what you are good at. Operation smile would be one example of an organization that would be able to truly utilize skilled plastic surgeons. But in order to truly find the organization that you are truly in sync with is by looking at their Visions and Goals, and if they match yours in one way or another, you might have found the one.



IF you are compelled to give back to the community with your skills, do so with the passion you had to reach your current position. And when it comes to working with an organization, you must have the same vision and goals as them, and make it clear to them that you are willing to help in other ways, but you would like them to truly use your talents to better the lives of people.