How Our Carpet Problem Gave Us New Volunteering Ideas For Kids

We have just completed our volunteering activity at one of the abandoned children’s shelters in Utah. It was a momentous event attended by volunteers from all walks of life. There were kids and their parents and some professionals who spent their weekend to make a fun outreach activity with the shelter kids.

We conducted fun learning activities with the children. We also played outdoor activities, popping water balloons and just being silly. The volunteer kids enjoyed the event as well. It was difficult coordinating the activities, but the smiles on the shelter kids and social workers were enough rewards for us.

Now, it could have been perfect if not for the dirty carpet in the office. We were so tired from the activities that we failed to notice the mud tracks we left on the carpet. The stain was very visible; it was hard to ignore. We tried to rub off the stain with water, but it made matters worse. The stain spread even more, and the carpet strands look like they were going to come off. We also discovered other stains and dirt that we did not notice before.

To avoid further damage, we decided to hire a professional carpet cleaner to treat our soiled carpet. We got the information and set an appointment on their website. The carpet cleaners arrived on time and cleaned our carpets. The result was stunning! Our carpets look like new. It is definitely cheaper to have professional cleaning than replacing the entire carpet.

Now that we are no longer troubled by the carpet issue, we had a time to put on our thinking caps to come up with more volunteer activities to help kids in our community. Here are some ideas that we love.


We noticed that the kids could get bored with the usual toys and games that they do in the shelter. Instead of just donating toys, we can give educational toys or costumes and play with the kids at the same time. There is a big difference between just giving toys and bonding with the kids while they are playing.

Field Trip

This is my favorite idea because it is a moment for children to explore the world around them. It will be fun to bring kids to amusement parks and museums for kids to let them experience it. It might be pricier, but the memories gained from experience will be priceless. We are yet to discuss this idea with our partner shelter because there might be some restrictions on getting the kids outside the shelter.

Book Reading

It will be like a pajama party where the volunteers can have the activity done just before the bedtime of the kids so that they can read good night stories to the children. Storytelling before going to bed is one of the fondest activity shared between mom and kids. Maybe, shelters could add this to their day-to-day operations so that the kids will not miss the event when the volunteers are not with them.

Do you have other fun activities in mind? Please let us know by typing in your comments. Let us make more happy memories with the kids.