Volunteering For Energy Efficiency Awareness

Improper and excessive use of energy significantly impacts our environment. The continued use of non-renewable energy releases harmful gasses that result in climate change that we are experiencing today. Countries everywhere in the world are doing their share to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gasses, but until the use of renewal energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power is widely utilized, its positive effect will seem negligible.

Energy consumers, such as basic households, should be educated on how to use energy efficiently. Although industries are considered as the biggest consumer of energy, through collective involvement, the smart consumption of energy from the households will create a significant impact.

We were inspired by the volunteer activity of a group in Atlanta. On MLK Day this year, several cause-oriented groups joined forces for the 7th annual Energy Efficiency Street Teams. The team aims to spread the word on energy efficiency as part of the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. A report revealed that the underserved community in Atlanta suffers highest energy cost in the country, resulting in massive amounts of money spent on energy as opposed to other cities in the United States.

Aside from giving energy and water saving tips, the group also distributed energy efficient light bulbs to be used in their households. Each home should also be aware that electric repair service can help ensure energy efficiency in the household.

Electric Repair service will prevent leakage of electricity in faulty wirings. A licensed electrician may be contracted to provide electric repair services such as repairs, energy audit, and overall inspection of your electrical installations.

We saw the potential of this volunteering program and plan to join similar events next year. Aside from this, we also learned that there is an organization that offers comprehensive energy efficiency training to their volunteers for a minimum cost.

The organization also provides volunteering activities to it their volunteers to enhance their skills. The training will equip the volunteers with skills to perform essential energy and water efficiency works such as:

  • Using foam tapes and caulk to seal air leaks around doors, windows and electrical switch.
  • Installing gaskets for electric switches and outlets.
  • Replace incandescent lights with energy efficient alternative such as LED lighting.
  • Installing flow restrictors in toilets flush.
  • Replacing regular shower heads with low-flow variety.

Once the training is completed, the members and encouraged to join activities to practice their new found skills and help the community. Here are the common events that the volunteers participate in.

  • Learning sessions with the residents – The volunteers visit low-income communities to spread information on energy-saving methods. They also distribute energy efficient bulbs to replace the ones used in the community.
  • Community outreach – The volunteers help in the preparation and implementation of the organization’s events and programs that provide energy and water conservation lessons.
  • School lectures – The volunteers conduct talks in school to reach the younger group and educate them on energy efficiency.

We were so inspired by this volunteering activity especially the learning sessions. By having this kind of education sessions, it will ensure that the work is not only the responsibility of the volunteers but the entire community as well.